We are a Christian chess club on a mission. Our desire is to use the game of chess to teach critical thinking, numerous life skills, and lessons.

Our website is still under construction and intended for members. However, we do offer some content to the public. Feel free to contact us should you have additional questions via mac00035@yahoo.com.


Our mission is to contribute to the development of the next generation of thinkers, problem solvers, peace makers, thought leaders, and godly decision makers.


Per Aspera Ad Astra


“I am a thinker. I am a planner, a counselor, a problem solver and a peacemaker. I am a thinker!” 
~ M. Coleman

About us

Knights & Nobles is a Christian Chess Club.  Our primary focus is to use principles and disciplines centered around the game of Chess to teach life and problem-solving skills.  All activities are centered around examples of integrity within the Bible that directly relate to the promotion of positive play and continuous improvement.

All Chess enthusiasts and competitors alike, from grades 7th — 12th are welcome. 

Our future focus is to extend enrollment to grades 3rd through 6th. 

Club meetings include prayer and end-of-session devotionals that discuss wise thinking, judgement and conflict resolution.  We also incorporate videos, guest speakers, and other learning aids to reinforce Christ-centered values. 


The principles and beliefs required to be a success in the game of Chess, are much like those needed to be a success in life. 

Students are introduced to the game of Chess in a fun and unique way.  They develop and cultivate friendships that emphasize being positive, inclusive, and encouraging. 

Chess athletes develop self-confidence as a critical thinker. 

Create a competitive chess team able to compete at the highest level of tournament.  We aim to create a positive team experience where continuous improvement is the measure.  Coaching of this team is based on the ELM Tree Mastery method emphasizing Effort-Learning-Mistakes. 

Afford homeschooled students the opportunity to earn up to 4 credit hours toward graduation.

Prepare Chess athletes to play at the collegiate level.  Advise athletes where and how to apply for related scholarships.

Provide a platform for Chess athletes to practice focus, patience, and perseverance.  Pursue and achieve personal excellence and mastery (see the ELM Tree of Mastery).

Use chess as a vehicle for outreach.  Encourage and promote opportunities for students to connect with seniors, veterans, and home-bound individuals. 

NOTE:  We use the ELM (Effort, Learning, Mistakes are OK) method to keep coaches, athletes and parents mindful of a mastery focus.  Click here for more details.


Fun, fellowship and life skills​

Come and join us in a fun, spirit-filled environment and make new friends, learn transformative life skills, and grow through the game of chess.

Chess Team

One of our goals is to create a chess family within a chess family and to grow a team of young chess athletes who are interested in competing at the highest level.

Earn high school credit

Knights & Nobles provides a wonderful opportunity for high school, homeschooled, chess athletes to earn up to four credit hours.

Chess kid

Empower children to learn the timeless game of Chess on the world’s #1 Chess site for kids! Our learning tools will keep kids motivated to learn and improve their Chess skills.

Our team




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